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Cottage Care

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Cottage Care

Enjoy Your Lakefront Home, We’ll Do The Work

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To take our services a step further, many of our clients have hired us to manage their new lake property, which we’re happy to do on a monthly or even weekly basis through our Cottage Watch program. This involves periodic inspections of the interior and exterior of the house, with a detailed checklist emailed to you including the following:

Home Inspections

These home inspections include, but are not limited to, the following checklist. You will be emailed a report with photos as soon as the inspection is completed.

Check entire perimeter of property, exterior landscape elements and grade.

Verify pool gates are closed and secure.

Inspect furnace intake in winter months, to ensure it is clear of snow obstruction.

Check Lp level, if applicable.

Examine roof, windows, and doors for signs of moisture or damage.

Examine screened areas for damage.

Bring any mail, newspapers, flyers, and packages inside.

Check all doors, windows and sliders, including garage to ensure they are locked and secure.

Confirm HVAC systems are working correctly; monitor house temperature and humidity; change filter if necessary.

Check plumbing with running water, inspect all pipes and seals, water softener, water heater, sump pump.

Check electrical systems, circuit breakers, lights, appliances, security and smoke alarms, and entertainment systems.

Test phone lines.

Turn on fireplace(s) to ensure they are working properly.

Make sure all interior doors are left open for proper air flow.

Additional Weekly or Monthly Services

Check pool and/or hot tub; coordinate cleaning and chemical maintenance.

Clean up storm debris as needed.

Coordinate mowing and fertilization of lawns.

Keep wood supply well stocked and area clean.

Organize pool and beach toy storage areas.

Vehicle cleaning and maintenance for onsite vehicles as needed.

Oversee all vendors, contractors and service providers.

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Seasonal Services

Prepare for large events.

Winterize and start up irrigation, outdoor shower, fountain and beach foot wash.

Install storm or screen panels.

Clean home, driveway, garage, windows, as often as desired.

Change smoke alarm batteries.

Change furnace, humidifier and ERV filters. Coordinate HVAC inspection if desired (recommended twice/year)

Set out, store, and clean patio furniture.

Put up and take down Christmas lights.

Coordinate pool opening and closing.

Coordinate annual generator inspection.

Check on home after major storm.

Winter roof snow raking.

Arrange for exterior painting/staining.

Whatever we can do to help make your life a bit easier and your time at the lake house a little more enjoyable this season, we’re here to help. Our goal with Cottage Watch, is for you to let us focus on the house, so you can focus on the fun!