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Home and Interior Design

A Cottage Home is your custom home designed to your lifestyle. Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding design/build experience. We work closely with those who are interested in quality, uniqueness, and an opportunity to live in great design. Our reputation has grown on our ability to design and build a home that mirrors your lifestyle, without compromise.

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Building Your Custom Home on Paper – Detailed Construction Documentation is the Key

A Cottage Home is a custom home. Our goal is to work closely with those who are interested in quality, uniqueness, and an opportunity to live in great design. Our reputation has grown on our ability to design and build a home that mirrors your lifestyle, without compromise.

Brian will spend time with you, at a convenient place, learning about your current and future home needs. He will learn about your space requirements, privacy needs, lifestyle and hobbies and if applicable, the children’s or grandchildren’s needs.

After your dream home is captured in sketches, Cottage Home Architectural Draftsperson, Construction Manager and Client Liaison develop detailed construction drawings and specification sheets. From the most critical and dynamic mechanical systems, to the most thoughtful and clever interior trim details, everything is thoroughly thought out and documented.

Having a fixed price and guaranteed completion dates are two foundational principles that separate the Cottage Home team from the others. It’s also why our clients call our building process “fun”.

Sustainable Design

A Cottage Home residence incorporates many smart home designs, sustainable technologies and construction elements to insure maximum energy conservation and improve the health and comfort of homeowners. Adhering to LEED® standards or Energy Star recommendations can mean years of lower energy costs, less waste and improved comfort. Sustainable living and building green isn’t a niche market anymore, it has become a hallmark of responsible homebuilders and homeowners alike.

Cottage Home has a long history of environmental stewardship, as well as sustainable design and building processes. We are committed to maintaining the natural beauty of the West Michigan shoreline, while affording families the opportunity to live in harmony with the lakeshore. You’ll find our green philosophy in our communities, our home designs and our building process.

Living Lightly on the Land

The Lake Michigan shoreline is a flourishing ecosystem spanning hundreds of miles, with a steeplechase of dunes and forests. As part of the world’s largest freshwater dune system, our shoreline is home to wildlife indigenous to this area of the world. We take great care of the lakeshore’s ecosystem; we are committed to innovative building solutions that balance lakeshore living in harmony with the environment.

We recognize the presence of many animal and plant species found only in this part of the country and we understand the steps we can take as builders to help prevent the deterioration of the natural landscape. Reclamation of existing home sites, incorporating sustainable design technologies that allow better use of the land, and replanting native vegetation are among our common practices. Historically, little, if any, consideration was given to water erosion caused by storm water runoff. Today, Cottage Home designs rain gardens, or bioretention systems, as a sustainable landscape that manages storm water overflow. Rain gardens naturally absorb and filter pollutants, keeping them out of natural waterways.

If our project involves reclamation of older home sites, we take great care to maintain natural trails, while preserving trees and foliage. We plant native grasses and reed grass, which stabilize the sand and are common along the West Michigan dunes. Cottage Home respects the land and encourages homeowners to live in unison with their natural surroundings.

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Design Your Dream Home
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The attention to detail has been amazing. We hope to continue our relationship with you for many years to come.

- Steve and Linda, Naperville, Illinois


We want to express our appreciation to Brian Bosgraaf and Cottage Home for making the design and construction process such a positive and memorable experience.

- Randy and Debbie, Oak Park, Illinois