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Cottage Home remains true to its founding mission, and is today comprised of a small group of visionaries, who bring their love of fine design and lakeshore living to each project. Our goal is to translate your lifestyle and design preferences into the perfect beach home … all without needlessly interrupting your busy schedule.

Lake Michigan Custom Home Experts

Cottage Home President, Brian Bosgraaf, was raised in a family real estate and home development business. His father, Ted Bosgraaf, became a developer in the late 1970s, and founded Bosgraaf Sales and Leasing with his brother Jack and other partners. Brian’s mother, Pat Bosgraaf, became a successful real estate broker in the mid 1980’s and his brother Mike and sister Amy also worked in the growing family business. In 1985, Brian and his father formed Bosgraaf Homes. Brian led the construction side of the business, his father the development and his mother and brother handled sales. In 1997 Brian sold his part of the company to his family and became a volunteer for Inner City Christian Federation (ICCF), building homes for low-income families in the inner city of Grand Rapids. In 2000, hoping to combine his passion for the lakeshore with his talent and expertise in home building, Brian formed his own home design/build company, Cottage Home. Since then, Cottage Home has successfully designed and built more than 100 custom homes along the shoreline of southwest Michigan, including 32 LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified homes. In doing so, Cottage Home has paced itself to build only a limited number of homes each year, assuring complete customer satisfaction. Cottage Home has also won numerous building and design awards. The ingenuity of esteemed architects, the skill of master craftsmen, and the aesthetic sense of true artisans converge to provide you an unparalleled product, through a seamless process in which our customer service is renowned. We are active members of Green Built Michigan, and we utilize green building practices as our company and clients choose. Brian is well known as a leader in the home building industry, having been involved with the Home Building Association on a local, state and national level. He and the Cottage Home staff are actively involved in many non-profit and community organizations.

Welcome From Brian Bosgraaf

quoteHello Friends… And welcome to Cottage Home. This is our passion – helping our clients realize their dreams – and enjoy the beauty and splendor of Lake Michigan.   Chances are you’re researching lakefront property and home opportunities. Each carries with it the potential to be your dream home; a place of fun, fond memories and family gatherings. As is the case in any market, some opportunities offer more value than others. Please let us know if you need assistance understanding site selection, home design or the general shoreline area. We believe an informed buyer stands to make the best purchase, and in doing so, is assured the greatest enjoyment. We also believe that if you ask around, you’ll hear good things about Cottage Home. We are actively involved in the lakeshore community. We live here; members of our staff have enjoyed summers on the ‘big lake’ as kids and now as professional builders, designers and client concierge. By building only a select number of homes each year, we guarantee that your home design and construction are our greatest priority. You will be impressed with our attention to detail and dedication. We strive to build strong and trusted relationships with our homeowners, and your satisfaction remains our top priority well after the design and build are complete. What’s more, we work hard to make your design/build experience fun and rewarding. Let us make your dream a reality. Contact us today and let’s begin the steps to creating your dream home, and start making lifelong memories. Sincerely, Brian Bosgraaf President, Designer Cottage Home

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“What’s more, we work hard to make your design/build experience fun and rewarding.”

About Our Team

Cottage Home remains true to its founding mission, and is today comprised of a small group of visionaries, who bring their love of fine design and lakeshore living to each project. Our goal is to translate your lifestyle and design preferences into the perfect home … all without needlessly interrupting your busy schedule. During your Cottage Home design and build experience, you may come in contact with different members of our staff. Every attempt is made to assure our availability:

CH-Staff_Photos_BrianBrian Bosgraaf
President, Designer

616-393-9460 ext. 1#

CH-Staff_Photos_WendyWendy Spoelhof 
Interior Design & Selections

616-393-9460 ext. 0#

CH-Staff_Photos_StephanieStephanie Bauman
Client Services & Marketing

616-393-9460 ext. 6#

CH-Staff_Photos_EricEric Leatherberry
Construction Superintendent

CH-Staff_Photos_SteveSteve Kloosterhouse
Lead Carpentry & Finishes

CH-Staff_Photos_KarlKarl Price
Tile Artisan & Carpentry

CH-Staff_Photos_DirkDirk Bronsink
Site Management & Carpentry

CH-Staff_Photos_JeremyJeremy vanEyk
Vice President,
Construction Manager
616-393-9460 ext. 2#

CH-Staff_Photos_DougDoug Postema
Architectural Drafting & Estimating
616-393-9460 ext. 5#

CH-Staff_Photos_JoelJoel Wondergem
Architectural Drafting & Rendering
616-393-9460 ext. 3#

CH-Staff_Photos_RossRoss Brown
Warranty & Cottage Care Service

CH-Staff_Photos_JoshJosh Kuhn
Cabinetry & Woodworking

Jeremy Stein(1200x800)Jeremy Stein
Tile Artisan & Carpentry

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