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Cottage Home News

Cottage Home Announces Completion of Holland’s First LEED Certified Home

Local builder Brian Bosgraaf, and company Cottage Home, recently finished the first LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certified home in the Holland area. This home, which was LEED Certified at the Silver level, was built for their clients who recently moved to the area from Switzerland. It demonstrates a number of unique energy efficiency, sustainability and environmentally responsible features.

One such feature is a full geothermal heating and cooling system. The Lake Macatawa home utilizes 2,700 feet of closed loop tubing which was placed into the lake for this purpose. From that point, heat pumps were installed to capture the natural heat of the water, which passes through a series of coils, providing radiant heat into the floors of the home. In the summer, the home is cooled in a reverse manner, as the heat is extracted from the indoors and passed outside.

Other features that led to this high level of certification include: advanced insulation materials and techniques, low water usage plumbing fixtures, appliances and irrigation systems, low electric usage features, an intricate native and zoned landscape plan, and a number of indoor air quality assurance measures.

Cottage Home has just begun construction on another green home in its lakefront community of Suequehanna (Glenn, Michigan), which will be a model of sustainable design and LEED building practices. The home was completed in August.