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Enjoy Your New Home

Two Year Warranty. A Lifetime of Customer Service.

Cottage Home is known for excellent customer service. When your home is complete, we’re happy to offer you as much move-in assistance as you need, from accepting deliveries on your behalf, moving in boxes and setting up furniture, to hanging pictures.

What you may not know is that the Cottage Home warranty is two years, as opposed to the traditional one year new home warranty. While we truly believe that we have delivered an outstanding home to you, we understand that after occupying your home for a while you may find the need for warranty service. Our two-year warranty describes the guidelines we use in evaluating and performing this type of service. We have an established warranty service process, and you can count on us to be responsive, efficient, and proactive in any such service needed in your new Cottage Home.

After Construction Services

Cottage Home has been offering peace of mind to our homeowners since 2008, through the Cottage Care program. Chances are, you have a permanent residence out of state, and you’d prefer not to be concerned about monitoring and maintaining your lake home. We’re glad to help. After all, who better to care for your home than the ones who designed and built it?!

Cottage Watch Inspection Service

Our Cottage Watch Inspection Service is tailored exactly to your needs. We can provide weekly, monthly, seasonal, or on-call services. Some clients choose to have a standing weekly inspection done at their home, with a report and photos emailed to them. Other choose to request assistance on more of an on-call, or seasonal basis. Home inspections include, but are not limited to, the following checklist. You will be emailed a report with photos as soon as the inspection is completed.

beach house maintenance

Exterior Inspections:

Check all doors, windows and sliders to ensure they are locked and secure.

Examine roof, windows and doors for signs of moisture or damage.

Examine screened areas for damage.

Check entire perimeter of property, exterior landscape elements and grade.

Inspect furnace intake in winter months, and ensure it is clear of snow obstruction.

Look for signs of pests or insects.

Check pool and spa (if applicable).

Verify pool gate(s) are closed and secure (if applicable).

Check Lp level (if applicable).

Bring any mail, newspapers, flyers and packages inside.

Interior Inspections:

Confirm doors and windows are secure and sealed.

Check for signs of moisture around windows and doors.

Confirm HVAC/humidifier are working and on proper settings.

Measure house temperature/humidity.

Inspect furnace filter and humidifier pad to determine if replacement is needed.

Inspect and clean ERV, if needed.

Check water softener salt level and add more, if needed.

Check circuit breaker/main panel for tripped breakers or faults.

Check water heater and sump pump.

Toilets: flush and check all gaskets, seals and stops.

Faucets: run water in sinks and tubs, check gaskets, seals, drains, stops and pipes.

Check appliances: dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer, garbage disposal, stove, washer/dryer.

Check all smoke detector status lights.

Check garage and verify doors locked.

Check phone lines.

Turn fireplace(s) on to ensure working properly.

Make sure all interior doors are left open for proper air flow.


Any home requires a certain degree of maintenance, and we enjoy helping our homeowners keep track of this at their Cottage Home. We offer the following services to our clients on a regular basis, at an additional cost. Please contact us for details.

Winterize and start up irrigation, outdoor showers and beach foot washers.

Change furnace, humidifier and ERV filters. Coordinate professional HVAC system inspectors.

Replace smoke alarm batteries.

Remove and install porch panels seasonally.

Coordinate interior cleaning.

Coordinate interior and exterior window washing.

Set out, store and clean patio and pool furniture.

Coordinate pool opening, closing and maintenance.

Arrange for firewood delivery.

Coordinate lawn care and landscape services.

Winter roof snow raking.

Coordinate annual generator inspection.

Let in and supervise all vendors, contractors and service providers.

If you have other needs, please don’t hesitate to ask. Whatever we can do to help make your life a bit easier and your time at the lake house a little more enjoyable, we’re here to help. We focus on the house, so you can focus on the fun!

Special Projects

As time goes on and your family enjoys the home, you may decide someday in the future that you’d like to make small or large renovations. Our special projects team is here to help. Patio expansions, interior and exterior painting, outbuilding additions, new built-ins, storage solutions and remodeling are just some of the services we’ve helped our clients with over the years. We love reconnecting with past homeowners and getting back into homes we’ve built.

lakeshore cottage living


Having the Cottage Watch program ensures that we have a wonderful vacation, as a quick phone call on a problem is the end of our involvement, and we can leave at the end of the season knowing our property is being well taken care of. We can’t imagine being without it!

- Eric & Gale, Chicago, IL


As usual, Cottage Home handles the situation flawlessly. It is such a reassuring feeling, knowing we can call you about anything and the job will be done right. You are all truly a class act!

- Anthony & Jennifer, Frankfort, IL